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Zidiwrites.info is your one-stop goal to find and offer Pakistani Stuff that is going on the Internet. We clergyman and make stories pertinent to Pakistani group of onlookers with the sole purpose of helping it reach whatever number of us as could be allowed. Essentially, we do Pakistani stories worth sharing. 

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Our article group covers stuff that is share-commendable and brings out a reaction from any individual who watches it. We do video stories, fun records, picture accumulations, spoofs and everything else that merits sharing. 

How to share stuff on Zidi Writes? 

An exceptionally generous level of our month to month content originates from our Contributor organize. We have individuals from shifted callings like promoting, news-casting, and building to give some examples, who add to manhoos.com. In the event that you consider yourself to be a potential giver, join our program by clicking here. 

Nopes, I need to complete an all day work at Zidi Writes:

Keep in touch with us at zidiwrites@gmail.com with your resume, subject matter (like article, business advancement, deals and so on) and contact points of interest. Do incorporate a cover note. Cover notes are wonderful. 

I saw something on this site has a place with me. Who would it be advisable for me to connect with? 

We at Zidi Writes firmly trust in giving appropriate credit and connection backs to the first makers. On the off chance that you don't need your substance to show up on our site, simply give us a mail at zidiwrites@gmail.com with a furious emoji and we'll pull it down instantly. 

I saw something on the site that outraged me. Would you be able to expel it? 

In the event that you are not content with a bit of substance on Zidi Writes or have some other grievances about our substance, you may get in touch with us by clicking here. Keep in mind to say the URL of the article that you found in terrible taste.

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